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Villa Bromar

The Villa, which underwent a total restructuring, is located at the beginning of Boulevard des Moulins, bordering the beautiful gardens of the Casino. Originally an industrial building, it was transformed t the time the Casino gardens were developed, and was used to house a bank.
This building has undergone significant changes in order to becoming a building used as a private dwelling. Major structural work and earthworks were implemented. All peripheral structures (wall and front opening) were subject of special attention to strengthen, stabilize and redistribute the load downhill with the creation of new openings in the façade.
The fitting-out and decoration work have turned this property into a baroque style palace. All façades were restored, and the ceramics were redone exactly like the original ones and in the traditional way in order to comply with local regulations.
  • Location
    2 bis Boulevard des Moulins
  • Duration of work
    22 months
  • Cost
    15,000,000 euros